Dividendium update

As you can see, the Dividendium has recently received an update. We’ve added some new more specific dividend data lists to our Dividend Data. We’re also planning on adding some new Daily Advantage Email services.

Inflatable Dividend will be a service that reports on dividend stocks with options. By selling a call on a dividend stock that you own, you can effectively increase your dividend yield because you are now investing less money in the stock, but getting the same dividend payment. This service will highlight the highest yield covered call combos that will really allow you to pump up the dividends on the underlying stocks.

Trailing Stops is pretty much what it says. You’ll enter the stock, the purchase price, and the percentage drop you are willing to endure from the highest point since your purchase. After that it will daily monitor the closing price of the stock and email you if it drops below your allowed percentage. This feature is offered through many brokers, along with Stop Loss orders. However, when you put a Stop Loss in, the trader sees it. If the stock is thinly traded or even if its not, the trader can sometimes try to take the stock down to hit your Stop Loss to try to cause a rally. Just seems like a better idea to keep them honest and not let them know how low you’re willing to hold the stock to.

Protected Principal is a service that reports on Put Protected Dividend stocks. A daily email containing the highest yielding Put Stock combinations will be sent out. With these combinations, you can hedge away all of the price movement in the stock and just get the dividend. If you were in any of the Canadian Royalty Trusts lately, you no doubt know the benefit this carries.

Ex Dividend Shorting will deliver a list of the stocks going ex dividend in the next few days. And it will highlight which calls to sell, or puts to buy to take advantage of the drop in price that usually happens when a stock hits it’s ex dividend day. These will be fast one or two day trades, and will often be sold at the open or shortly after on the ex dividend day.

Dividend Capture will deliver a list of the stocks going ex dividend in the next few weeks. And it will highlight the calls or stocks you want to buy to profit from the run up before the ex dividend day.

Recent Swing Low Test is a service that we have found useful in the past. Basically it will look for dividend stocks (cause that’s what we like) that have established a recent low, and are now coming back down to “test” that low. The idea is to buy it very near the previous low and if the stock goes down sell immediately. This is an opportunity for the market to tell you immediately if you are wrong about a stock going higher. If you buy higher than this point, you don’t know when to sell out. So this gives you a specific yes or no answer as to whether or not its time to sell. For anyone that has suffered through a chronically falling stock, unsure of whether to sell or not, this is a very merciful service.

So let us know your opinions on the changes, and which of the email services you would like to see first. Or if you have other services you would like to see offered let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We have some very talented programmers just itching to sift through the data and pull out what you are looking for.

Next time we plan to discuss the impending minimum wage increase legislation and how it could affect you. If you have opinions on that please let us know what they are at contact@dividendium.com.


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