What’s changed on Dividendium?

For a while now I have been working on making some improvements to Dividendium. Mainly these improvements are in the backend of the site, but some of them will be obvious from the frontend. Here’s a rundown of the new features…


On all non-blog pages of the site, you’ll see a “Login” text box. This allows subscribers to the Investing Strategies services to access the content they subscribed to. There is no password. It’s just whatever email address you subscribe with. A subscriber can’t change anything from Dividendium, so it would only be an annoyance to make a user remember yet another password for logging into the site.

Dividends Search

The Dividends Search section of the site had lots of changes.

First, all regular Dividend Data and Investing Strategies services now have a web interface.

The web interfaces allow sorting of the data right on the webpage by clicking the headers of the columns. The columns for the Investing Strategies are all sorted by what I think are the most pertinent measures of a trade’s potential.

There are previous and next links at the bottom to move to the next or previous pages.
If you go to the “next” page, you’ll see some parts of the browser URL that are “hackable”.


The “page=1” indicates that you are on the second page of the data. The pages range from 0 to however many pages of data there are. If you go too high, it just won’t have any data to show.

The “max=20” is how many stocks you want to show at a time. 20 is the default. If you change it to 200, then it will list 200. It may take a while to load the page if you go too high though. The number will be maintained as you click next and previous.

There’s also a new text box on the non-Investing Strategies pages that says “Get emailed when data is updated”. This allows anyone to get emailed when Dividendium’s dividend data is updated, which happens every weekday after the market closes.

On all the Dividends Search pages there is a link that says “Download CSV Data”. This allows you to download the current data in spreadsheet form (CSV is comma separated values and opens in Excel or pretty much any other spreadsheet program you want to use). So now you can download the daily dividend data and sort, parse, and collate til your heart’s content.

Under that is the “Historical Data” link. This link will take you to a list of the archived spreadsheets for previous days. So if you wanted to do some back testing or just see what the trades were on a particular Investing Strategy in the past, this is where you’d be able to find them.

The spreadsheets are listed by date, and the data in the spreadsheets is sorted the same as the default sort on the webpage. So the trades near the top are more likely (in my opinion) to be the better trades. I’ve also filtered out a lot of the trades that were not as good or that didn’t match the strategies as well. So the more recent spreadsheets are much shorter and smaller in size.

You’ll also notice in the most recent spreadsheets for the Investing Strategies there is a new column called Trade ID. I’ve received lots of requests for guidance or advice on which trades I would choose from the spreadsheets. So I’ll be posting what trades I would do, and probably will do in some cases, on Saturdays. That way subscribers can read over the info on Sunday before the Monday open. In order to avoid giving away the data that the subscribers paid for, I’ll be referencing the trades by their Trade ID.

Investing Strategies

All Investing Strategies (Inflatable Dividends, No Lose Stocks, and Long Shot Options) now have a 6 month free trial. I don’t want anyone to pay for something they don’t find useful.

The email delivery for the Investing Strategies has also changed. Emailing used to be done through Yahoo Groups, which was a royal pain to deal with as far as getting people signed up. It worked for the time being, but I’m very glad to be rid of it now.

The emails are also now personalized. So rather than receiving one email for each subscription, subscribers now receive one email total each day with all of their subscription links in it. The links will take you right to the data and automatically log you in. Or you can download the data right there from the email. And if you decide the subscription is not for you, there’s a cancel link right next to each subscription.

My intention was to make it as easy as possible to cancel a subscription. The easier I make it, the better the feedback I’ll get on whether or not people find a service useful.

Lastly, the No Lose Stocks Investing Strategy data is now updated daily.

Suggestions or Complaints

So let me know what you think of the new changes, or if you have suggestions for further changes feel free to send them to me via Contact Us or contact@dividendium.com.


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