Where can I find ex-dividend calendars?

I went searching recently to see if I could find all the ex-dividend calendars out there. Here’s what I found:

Dividendium.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – My site of course showed up. I give the actual payout, a fair list of stocks, and the ability to download the listings as a spreadsheet. One thing I found is that I’m missing some stocks from my listings. So I need to fix that. If you notice a stock missing from my listings, email me about it.

UPDATE: I have added a new feature to the dividend lists. If you scroll to the bottom of the dividend lists there’s a message that says “Notice a stock missing? Add it!”. Clicking this will allow anyone to add a stock symbol that’s missing from the lists.

TheStreet.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – Quite good. It gives the actual payout, and a pretty thorough list of stocks. The only complaint I had is that if you check it on the weekend, it doesn’t default to the upcoming Monday, you have to actually click on Monday’s date.

FullDisclosure.com or Earnings.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – Really thorough list of stocks. Maybe too thorough. It also gives the actual payout. Here also you need to click the Monday’s date if you’re looking on the weekend.

Ex-Dividend.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – You have to click the “Search Date” button to see the data, and it’s only AMEX stocks.

DividendInvestor.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – You have to click “Go” to get the data for the selected date. Also it looks like knowing which stocks are in the list is a subscription only thing. But they still give their “AllStar Ranking” for each of the stocks, so if you wanted to, you could use any of the other ex-dividend calendars to figure out which stocks those were by matching up the payout amounts and closing prices.

Dividend.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – Gives the annual dividend, rather than the actual payout for the given ex-dividend date. And there are stocks going ex-dividend that are missing from the list.

DividendStocksOnline.com – Ex-Dividend Calendar – You have to click the month you want to view. And then it lists all the days in the month. It also only lists the annual yield percentage, and only lists stocks with a 4% yield or higher.

DividendInformation.com – Dividend Calendar – You have to click the “Dividend Calendar” tab. You can change the date by clicking the calendar icon. But I think they are listing the data by paid date, and not by ex-dividend date. So maybe if you looked a month into the future, you could use it to figure out when an ex-dividend date might be.

DividendsCalendar.com – Dividend Calendar – This lists stocks by their dividend payout date, not the ex-dividend date. It also seems to be only historical as it has no data beyond December right now.

If you’re wondering why I might find it worthwhile to list out the competition, here’s a previous post I wrote about acknowledging the competition and using that pressure to get better, so that’s pretty much the reason for this post.

If you know of or find any other ex-dividend calendar websites, feel free to post them in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Where can I find ex-dividend calendars?”

  1. Hello … your research and information is VERY appreciated. Is it possible for you to create an ex dividend calendar one additional month into the future? For example, today is 30 Sept, end of Q3. I see your October listing, but being a bit of a technical trader, I note that moving into a dividend stock tends to show increased volatility > 30 days prior to ex dividend date … thus a look into October would be ideal to begin tracking and following selected strikes. Many thanks.


  2. That’s definitely possible. It won’t be 100% accurate though. For No Lose Stocks and Inflatable Dividends, I project forward based on the dividend history for a given stock. But if the company decides to wait a little bit, or change when they have been offering the dividend in previous years, or cut the dividend entirely, then the prediction will be wrong.

    I’ll see what I can put together.


  3. Hi,
    I just found your site. Check out Born To Sell. They have a calender, but it’s not free.
    Here is a question for you. May I load my port into your service, and will it produce a calender for me of my exdiv dates.
    Thank you
    Peter S. Hesse


  4. As far as loading your portfolio into the site and getting back a personalized calendar, I just added a “Portfolio Calendar” link to the sidebar in the “Dividends Search” section of the site.

    Here’s a direct link:

    It allows you to put in your stock symbols separated by commas, and will generate a calendar of the currently declared (as per Yahoo Finance) ex dividend dates.

    After you put in your stocks and see the calendar you can bookmark the link, and it will update to the current data any time you go to it. If you update the portfolio list by removing a stock or adding a new one, you’ll need to bookmark that new url.


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