Seeking out feedback

I try to pay attention to user feedback.

I really appreciate the praise feedback like this recent note from a subscriber:

…the work you are doing is very useful, so keep it coming.

(Side Note: If you employ programmers, figure out a way for them to receive specific regular feedback from the users, especially positive feedback from the people actually using the software or benefiting from the software that they write. Most programmers won’t admit it if asked, but this kind of thing is worth more than money to us. We want to know that people are finding what we do useful.)

I also really appreciate the negative feedback like this recent note from a subscriber:

you have nerve trying to charge for your crap

But, I need more to go on if I’m going to improve. I replied back asking for suggestions for improvement, but I haven’t heard back yet. I really hope I do. If you happen to feel this way as well, please send me any suggestions you have for improvements at or leave a note in the comments.

I even seek out negative feedback.

I noticed recently that some subscribers were signing up for the free trials multiple times in a row with slightly different email addresses. So these are users who like the service and want to keep using it, but they are prevented from paying for it for some reason. When I like a product, and the makers of the product put a fair price on it, I’m more than happy to pay. I know if I don’t pay, then that product might disappear, and if I do pay, then the product will continue to get better. So the fact that these users are being prevented from paying is my fault. I need to fix whatever is holding them back.

In an effort to do this, I emailed two of these users. So far I have only heard back from one, but his feedback was excellent.

First, he said the product cost $14.95/month and that he was only maybe willing to pay $5/month for it. But, he was signing up for Predicted Dividends, which actually is only $4.95/month. This meant I was doing a bad job of telling the free trial subscribers how much a particular service costs when they signed up. I’ve since added the price of the service in bold near the free trial signup. I also changed the daily emails to always show the price of the service during the free trial.

Second, he mentioned that he didn’t like the recent removal of the full company name from the dividend listings, so I put that back.

And third, he asked if there was a way to search by day in the Ex Dividend Calendar so he could avoid paging through the many 1 cent dividend payers. So I made some changes and the ex dividend calendar now pages by day. And the “Previous Day” and “Next Day” paging is at the top of the calendar, so you can quickly click through the days seeing only the highest dividends at the top of the list to see if you want to look any further down.

If anyone has any other suggestions for improvements, I’d greatly appreciate hearing them.

Hope you like using the site.


2 thoughts on “Seeking out feedback”

  1. Your emails are great. Please don’t stop. You have educated more people than you will hear from. Keep it coming. Thank you for your service.


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