Earn a little extra income with Turvel

Do you ever stare out at your unused curbside and wish there was a way to make a little cash off of it?

Maybe there is…

I’m working on a new business project called Turvel. Turvel is a website that will allow RVers (or people pulling a travel trailer) to find private areas to park the RV.

Maybe an RV park or campground is not near where they want to park. Or the RV parks that are available don’t feel safe or welcoming. Or the parks are too expensive, or are too full. Or they just need a quick place to stop for a night to get some sleep before hopping back on the road. Whatever the reason, it’s about giving them a little more convenience.

And obviously the homeowner or landowner providing the place to park would be able to make a little income off of something that would otherwise just be sitting there unused.

And just maybe it’ll make the world a little friendlier place.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, either renting or hosting, leave your email on the Turvel site, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready. And if you know someone that might be interested, let them know too.


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