Think And Grow Rich – Chapter 13: The Brain: A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought

Continuing my analysis of Think and Grow Rich.

This is for Chapter 13, The Brain: A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought.

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Quote and Analysis

“Through the medium of the ether, in a fashion similar to that employed by the radio broadcasting principle, every human brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought which are being released by other brains.

In connection with the statement in the preceding paragraph, compare, and consider the description of the Creative Imagination, as outlined in the chapter on Imagination.”

Here’s the description from the chapter on Imagination:

“CREATIVE IMAGINATION: -Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received. It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man.

It is through this faculty that thought vibrations from the minds of others are received. It is through this faculty that one individual may “tune in,” or communicate with the subconscious minds of other men.”

Quote and Analysis

“The Creative Imagination is the “receiving set” of the brain, which receives thoughts, released by the brains of others. It is the agency of communication between one’s conscious, or reasoning mind, and the four sources from which one may receive thought stimuli.”

Here are the four sources from the chapter on Sex Transmutation:

“1. Infinite Intelligence

2. One’s subconscious mind, wherein is stored every sense impression and thought impulse which ever reached the brain through any of the five senses

3. From the mind of some other person who has just released the thought, or picture of the idea or concept, through conscious thought, or

4. From the other person’s subconscious storehouse.“

Quote and Analysis

“When stimulated, or “stepped up” to a high rate of vibration, the mind becomes more receptive to the vibration of thought which reaches it through the ether from outside sources. This “stepping up” process takes place through the positive emotions, or the negative emotions. Through the emotions, the vibrations of thought may be increased. “

Essentially, this is saying, if you want to have more creative ideas, then you need to harness your emotions in order to stimulate your mind.

Note he references either positive or negative emotions here.

Quote and Analysis

“Vibrations of an exceedingly high rate are the only vibrations picked up and carried, by the ether, from one brain to another.”

So if you want to disseminate your ideas to others, and get them to act on them, then you need to also infuse your own ideas with emotion. Specifically strong emotion. Otherwise the thoughts will not be “carried” to others, or to Infinite Intelligence.

Note this is different than the previous quote. The previous quote is about receiving “inspired” ideas or hunches to help you achieve your goals. This quote is about spreading your ideas to others to help you achieve your goals.

So when you have a goal, you can go at it from two directions here.

You can stimulate your mind with positive (or negative) emotions to receive “inspired” ideas to move you toward achieving that goal.

And you can come up with some ideas that you would like to pass to other people that would help you achieve your goal. Say you are selling something. You could infuse the idea of wanting to buy that thing with emotion, which would then transmit that idea to other people’s subconscious minds. And then it would bubble up in to their conscious minds. And then they would seek you out to buy your something.

Quote and Analysis

“The emotion of sex stands at the head of the list of human emotions, as far as intensity and driving force are concerned. The brain which has been stimulated by the emotion of sex, vibrates at a much more rapid rate than it does when that emotion is quiescent or absent.

The result of sex transmutation, is the increase of the rate of vibration of thoughts to such a pitch that the Creative Imagination becomes highly receptive to ideas, which it picks up from the ether.”

I’m still not sure I fully understand what he means by the “emotion of sex”, but my assumption is that he means we should think about doing things as if we were going to get sex in return. And when we think that way, we’ll get much more creative about how to solve whatever it is that we have put sex on the other side of. The intense energy that comes from sexual desire will stimulate our minds to be more receptive to “inspired” ideas from those 4 sources mentioned above.

Quote and Analysis

“On the other hand, when the brain is vibrating at a rapid rate, it not only attracts thoughts and ideas released by other brains through the medium of the ether, but it gives to one’s own thoughts that “feeling” which is essential before those thoughts will be picked up and acted upon by one’s subconscious mind.”

Here’s a further benefit of infusing emotion into a thought or idea…or giving them that “feeling”.

Our subconscious mind controls most of what we do.

Think about driving. Most of the time we get to our destination without even remembering how we drove there, but the whole way there our subconscious mind was making small decisions and directing our body to carry out those decisions.

Now, what if you could program your subconscious mind to carry out the tasks that you knew would get you to your goal? Maybe you don’t consciously do them because you are afraid (like making cold calls). Or maybe you are too lazy and just can’t force yourself to do them.

What if it was the opposite…what if you couldn’t force yourself NOT to do them?

That’s what it feels like to have your subconscious on your side. It just automatically drives you to the destination…to your goal.

And you get that benefit by infusing your ideas, thoughts, goals, and aims with emotion. Your subconscious picks up on that emotion and says “this is important…so I better make sure it gets done!”

Quote and Analysis

“Through the instructions described in the chapter on auto-suggestion, you were definitely informed of the method by which DESIRE may be transmuted into its monetary equivalent.”

The method, in short, is to write down your goal, memorize it, and say it aloud twice a day with feeling…that is, with emotion. And from the previous quote, this will then transmit that desire to your subconscious so it can start helping you to work toward that goal or desire.

Quote and Analysis

“Operation of your mental “broadcasting” station is a comparatively simple procedure. You have but three principles to bear in mind, and to apply, when you wish to use your broadcasting station-the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, CREATIVE IMAGINATION, and AUTO-SUGGESTION. The stimuli through which you put these three principles into action have been described-the procedure begins with DESIRE.”

Here’s the lifecycle…

Desire – What do you want? Be specific. Write it down.

Auto-Suggestion – Twice a day, repeat it aloud. Feel it (this is where being specific helps). Infuse it with emotion. Feel good about it. Think about how much sex you’ll get when you have that desire.

Subconscious Mind – The auto-suggestion will pass that desire to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will start helping you to do the things that will get you there automatically. But it will also pass that desire on to others that can help you with it. And it will pass it on to Infinite Intelligence.

Creative Imagination – Once Infinite Intelligence gets a hold of your desire, it passes you back some “inspired” ideas about how to go about achieving that desire, and making it real. If you have strong emotions, so your mind is vibrating at a high degree, then you’ll be able to receive those ideas. And those ideas will pop up into your conscious thoughts as creative imaginings.

So that’s the whole deal. The other principles help boost these, but this is the core methodology.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”

Conceive your desire. Believe you will have it and feel good with that thought (no doubt), have faith. And the process above will hand you back the “inspired” ideas and plans to make it a reality, so you will have achieved what you conceived.

Quote and Analysis

“The procedure is very simple. We sit down at a conference table, clearly state the nature of the problem we have under consideration, then begin discussing it. Each contributes whatever thoughts that may occur. The strange thing about this method of mind stimulation is that it places each participant in communication with unknown sources of knowledge definitely outside his own experience. If you understand the principle described in the chapter on the Master Mind, you of course recognize the round-table procedure here described as being a practical application of the Master Mind. This method of mind stimulation, through harmonious discussion of definite subjects, between three people, illustrates the simplest and most practical use of the Master Mind. By adopting and following a similar plan any student of this philosophy may come into possession of the famous Carnegie formula briefly described in the introduction. If it means nothing to you at this time, mark this page and read it again after you have finished the last chapter.”

This is a description of exactly how to use the Master Mind principle for problem solving.

An interesting point is that in this case the problems they are trying to solve are not even their own problems.

Also, each contributes whatever thought may occur. That’s a pretty trusting situation. In most settings, we hold back most of our thoughts for fear of what someone else at the table might say.